Hyperlocal shopping: “Support your local” is more than a catchy phrase. Source: Gabriella Clare Marino / Unsplash


Hyperlocal is hot

Hyperlocal shopping and services have gotten a tremendous boost during the pandemic. Ever more people are favoring to visit neighborhood stores and order products for immediate delivery. In this third article of our retail series we’ll discuss why hyperlocal has become more important, and how retailers are responding to this trend.

The term hyperlocal has been around for some time, but it has gained a lot of traction recently. In the context of retail, hyperlocal shopping refers to consumers buying products in their neighborhood. The coronavirus outbreak has supported hyperlocal shopping in…


Ghost kitchens: Real staff, real food. Source: Daniel Nijland / Unsplash

#2 — Ghost Kitchens

The pandemic has forced restaurants and bars in Europe to close their doors for months on end. Only recently have they been allowed to serve customers again. The only way to keep cooking and serving during the lockdown was to deliver meals to people’s home. And this has indeed happened exponentially, driving the sales of Just Eat Takeaway.com, Delivery Hero, Grubhub and similar order and delivery services across the globe.

In this second article of our retail series we’ll have look at the meal delivery industry, which has propelled the existence of…

Ever more common in urban areas: Grocery delivery at lightning speed. Source: Paolo Feser / Unsplash.com


#1 — Grocery Delivery

The pandemic has hit few other industries as hard as retail and out-of-home dining and drinking. Stores, restaurants and bars had to close virtually overnight and were only allowed to reopen, if at all, under tight restrictions. To cope with this situation, businesses have adapted and introduced new concepts and sales models. Consumers have also changed their shopping habits, reinforcing existing and breeding new retail trends. These developments appear to permanently alter the role of brick-and-mortar stores.

In this new series, we’ll discuss some of the retail trends, which are likely to…

The six yellow dots in the center are the vaccination centers’ locations. The red bars represent inhabitants aged 65 and up, who live at that specific place, and are able to reach a vaccination center within 30 minutes by car. The blue circles highlight areas in Berlin, from which seniors cannot reach a vaccination center within 30 minutes. Source: TargomoLOOP

The German capital has placed its vaccination centers at central sites in the city. We wanted to know how easily people aged 65 and up would be able to reach these locations. It turns out that around 95 percent of Berlin’s seniors can reach a center in 30 minutes by car.

Since the end of December, Germany has been vaccinating its citizens aged 65 and older. People over 70 years are entitled to a return trip by taxi, paid for by the local government. …

By considering cannibalization, a manager gets a more accurate picture of a location’s true catchment area, because the effect of other branches and competitors is taken into account.

We’ve released a major update of our location analytics platform TargomoLOOP: Businesses can now examine whether a new branch would cannibalize the catchment areas of existing locations. They can also see how rival locations could affect the potential customer base of own branches in the same area.

In the retail industry, for example, branches of the same chain sometimes compete against one another when they are located close to each other and catchment areas overlap. This effect is known as cannibalization, but the same principle also applies to the impact of competitors nearby.

All these surrounding locations have an effect…

Users can attach weights to every single data variable, making location search highly customized.

Businesses looking for the best locations can now very quickly identify which sites best match their specific requirements. In location analytics platform TargomoLOOP they can rank locations by assigning weights to criteria most relevant to them.

Each business needs a specific area to thrive. For some stores, households with children are crucial, while the presence of offices has a negative impact on revenue. For restaurants the presence of high footfall is important, while the vicinity of supermarkets could be detrimental to business.

Finding the locations that match these individual location parameters is now easier with a new weighting feature in…

The German city of Leipzig built a routing tool to efficiently plan home visits and check with people in quarantine. Picture credits: Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash / City of Leipzig / Targomo

Location intelligence specialist Targomo helps Leipzig’s Health Department to easily schedule multiple home visits to check whether people are in good health and comply with COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. The German city built its own routing tool, using Targomo’s technology.

Like many other municipalities dealing with the pandemic, the German city of just over 600,000 citizens is focused on reducing the number of coronavirus infections. People with symptoms or a positive test result need to quarantine at home to minimize the risks of spreading the disease.

To check whether these people remain at home and have not seriously fallen ill, staff…

E-biking has gone mainstream, making it crucial to include it in location analyses. Picture source: Wolfram Bolte on Unsplash.

Targomo’s location analytics platform now includes e-bikes as a travel mode to improve the analysis of catchment areas. It enables businesses to better estimate the potential customer base and reach of their locations.

With the rise of electric bicycles used by people and businesses, the inclusion of this transportation mode has become essential to calculate the catchment area of a location. According to one study, an e-biker on average travels more than 60% faster than a conventional biker: 23 km/h vs. 14 km/h (14 mph vs. 8.7 mph).(1) …

Targomo has added two features — location ranking and correlation analysis — to its location analytics platform TargomoLOOP, making it easy to shortlist the best locations and find likely success factors. Furthermore, users can access more data and analytics options with a new pro plan.

A few screenshots of the platform’s features: ranking, correlation and visualization of locations on a map
A few screenshots of the platform’s features: ranking, correlation and visualization of locations on a map
The ranking feature makes it easy to pick the locations that score best on those variables, which are important for the user’s business.

The ranking feature helps users to quickly shortlist the best locations for a new branch or business. An overview of a dozen locations and their ranking is available in seconds. It shows how well a location over- or underperforms compared to the average values of locations for the selected variables and which ranking it has…

Berlin-based software company Targomo won an award on Thursday at the EIT Digital Challenge 2020, a top European innovation contest to identify fast-growing scaleups and foster their global expansion.

The five winners of the EIT Digital Challenge 2020 contest: Deepomatic, Icometrix, SwipeGuide, Targomo and Wishibam.
The five winners of the EIT Digital Challenge 2020 contest: Deepomatic, Icometrix, SwipeGuide, Targomo and Wishibam.
he EIT Digital Challenge focuses on scaleups with deep tech products that leverage highly sophisticated technologies and fuel digital transformation.

Location Intelligence specialist Targomo has been awarded as one of Europe’s best deep tech scaleups in the EIT Digital Challenge 2020. The competition took place for the 7th consecutive year and had attracted 403 applications from 32 countries. The winners were selected during an online event where the best 20 deep tech scaleups pitched in front of an expert jury, consisting of innovation leaders from European corporates and investors.

In addition…


Combining location analytics & AI, we help organizations generate data-based insights and forecasts to boost performance. www.targomo.com

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